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Depression is hard to deal with alone, it keeps you down and prevents you from living. We help you get rid of depression.

Marriage problems

Having problems with your marriage? Our marriage counselors provide you with relief and guidance to deal with marital issues.

Family abuse

Being abused by your own family is very painful and traumatizing. Our counselors provide you with guidance and solutions.

Islamic counseling through chat

Feel at ease

Get professional help from experienced counselors. We help you get through depression, family abuse or marital issues.

Say goodbye to long waiting times or traveling to get the help you need. Speak with your Islamic counselor by chatting, easily accessed on our website.

If you favor counseling by chat instead of through video call, then this is for you.

Benefits of Counseling via Chat

  • Writability: In a chat conversation, you can read and write messages at your own pace.
  • Accessibility: For people who feel uncomfortable with phone calls or video calls, chatting can be a more accessible option.
  • Possibility of reflection: Because chat messages are recorded, you can later review the conversation for self-reflection.
  • Visual absence: Some people feel more comfortable without being aware of their own visual appearance or that of the coach.
  • Multitasking: In a chat conversation, you can multitask more easily, such as looking up information while communicating with your coach.

How it works

1. Book your session

Our booking application provides you an easy way to book your session. Select the type of session you like, the coach, and your preferred date/time to make an appointment.

While booking, you can pay for the session through PayPal or creditcard. A session of counseling is $50 USD.

2. Start your session

The online session takes place in the live chat of our website. Then message us with your name or session ID.

Your professional will then start the session. The session is 40 minutes long, enough time to get sufficient help.

Feel heard

After feeling unheard

Every person wants to feel heard, especially when there are difficulties in life. With our understanding of mental health, we help you feel heard.

A lending ear relieves some pain and discomfort. Tell us your story without being judged.

Feel understood

After feeling misunderstood

It is extremely tiring and annoying to have no one who even seems to understand you. You are constantly disappointed time and again, but this stops here.

Because of our understanding and experience in mental health, you can feel understood.

Feel ease

After feeling unease

The feeling of discomfort and pain is hard to deal with yourself. Our goal is to approach the cause of the problem as carefully as possible.

Our counselors will assist you during this difficult period to ensure the feeling of ease.

Get to know your Islamic counselor

About Abu Athari

With a big heart, hatred of injustice and high value of honesty, Abu Athari strives to guide every person through depression, marital and family problems.

"Experiencing something yourself is more important than reading about it", is what Abu Athari always says. He himself has experienced depression and family abuse. This helps him better understand the weight and severity of these problems.

100+ sessions later, Islamic counselor Abu Athari continues to help people overcome their problems and gain better insight.


Nobody deserves to be treated unjustly. - Abu Athari


After several weeks of fighting with myself internally because I was stuck in a difficult situation, I ended up here. And even though I already knew the solution somewhere, this brother gave me the extra push I needed to make the decision. I feel like someone finally listened to me and that already means a lot to me right now.


I needed Islamic marriage advice and a sympathetic ear. He was especially honest, really holds up a mirror to you, and could empathize well. After the conversation, I have the right tools to move forward and feel truly understood.


I needed advice and a sympathetic ear. In addition, he also provides advice from Islamic perspectives. I found the conversation very pleasant. He was especially honest and could empathize well with the situation you were in.


After a divorce, I was looking for someone to talk to about my problems. Through the deep conversations I found out why my marriage actually ended, and I learned a lot from it. Abu Athari really helped me with my situation.


After a very intense day I felt so bad, I was searching on Google and came across Abu Athari. What a nice conversation this was. I received the right advice, but above all honest and truthful advice. Thank you very much.


While googling I came across the counseling chat with Abu Athari. Had an honest, reflective conversation. Very nice that this exists. It confirmed for me what I already thought and felt. Thanks again for listening Abu Athari!

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