About us

We are a Sunni organization, based in The Netherlands, consisting of an Imam and writers who are committed to spreading Islamic knowledge. On our website you will find various topics within Islam. We research every topic before dedicating an article to it. By doing so, we ensure the level of quality and expertise.

Fitrah Tawheed is known for transparency, being direct, truthful and a fair amount of displaying sources. You will therefore see the sources of Quran, Sunnah and the statements of the pious predecessors of Islam within the majority of our articles and claims we make.

Which scholars we follow

We understand that you are curious about which scholars we follow. This is an important factor in the trust of a group or website.

A list of scholars we follow:
  • Abu Bakr
  • 'Umar ibn al-Khattab
  • 'Uthman ibn 'Affan
  • 'Ali ibn Abi Talib
  • Ibn Shihab Al-Zuhri
  • Hasan Al-Basri
  • Muhammad ibn Sireen
  • 'Umar ibn Abdul-'Aziz
  • Imam Malik
  • Al-Awzaa'ee
  • Sufyan Al-Thawri
  • Sufyan ibn 'Uyaynah
  • 'Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak
  • Fudhayl ibn 'Iyadh
  • Imam Shafi'i
  • Imam Ahmad
  • Yahya ibn Ma'een
  • Ishaq ibn Rahawayh
  • Imam Bukhari
  • Imam Muslim
  • Abu Dawud as-Sijistani
  • Abu 'Eesa Al-Tirmidhi

We think it is important to follow only the scholars who lived during the first generations of Islam. This era consists of three generations, also known as: "The Golden Ages of Islam". The scholars of that era have been praised and they spread the Aqeedah through their books.

So, we find it very important to only share their knowledge and understanding of Islam in every article we write. They were on the truth, and they handed down the authentic teachings of Islam, so we follow them.

We do not feel connected to modern scholars or preachers. Our focus is on the pious predecessors of Islam, and we follow none but them.

Why Fitrah Tawheed originated

The internet is full of articles about Islam. We found that people could not always access the sources, which is something we want to change. This is one of the main reasons for the establishment of Fitrah Tawheed.

Unfortunately, readers of Islamic articles could not always know whether the information is correct. We aim to make a difference by providing the reader with precise sources and correct information. We also share with you fatwas and rulings of the pious predecessors of Islam.

Our goals

  1. Spreading Tawheed
  2. Spreading the correct Aqeedah
  3. Correcting misconceptions within Fiqh
  4. Countering misconceptions about Islam
  5. Enabling readers and researchers to acquire Islamic knowledge, according to the understanding of the pious predecessors of Islam

Online counseling

Our team is also committed to helping people who are currently strugglin with family abuse, depression and marital problems. We realize this help through online sessions via chat, where the person can express themselves and receive help and advice.

We want every person to be able to free themselves from uncomfortable and bad situations, so we started offering this service and are willing to make a change.