What is Tawheed Rububiyyah?

The term Rububiyyah stands for Lordship. It comes from the Arabic word 'Rabb' which means Lord. Tawheed Rububiyyah is one of the categories of Tawheed. Muslims must believe Allah is the Creator of all creation. And that He has the power over all creation.

  1. Rububiyyah in Quran
  2. Rububiyyah in Ahadith

Tawheed Rububiyyah in the Quran

In the Quran we see that Allah often places emphasis on His Lordship. This is because there have been many references to idols throughout history. Many claimed to have power over creation, and this, of course, is false. Allah gives us the stories where this was mentioned.

Their messengers said, "Can there be doubt about Allah, the Creator of heaven and earth? He invites you to forgive your sins, and He delays your death for a certain period of time." ...
(Surah Ibrahiem, 10)

And if you asked them, "Who created the heavens and the earth?" they would surely say, "We are created by the Exalted in Power, the Knowing."
(al-Zukhruf, 9)

"You know very well that only the Lord of heaven and the earth has sent these things down as insightful evidence, and I really think, o Fir'aun, that you have lost to ruin."
(al-Isra' 17:102)

Oh, people, serve your Lord who created you and those who were there for you. Maybe you'll be god-fearing.
(Surah Baqarah, 21)

Say, "Who provides you with heaven and the earth? Or who controls hearing and vision, and who brings the living out of the dead and extracts the dead from the living, and who controls [all] matters?" They will say, "Allah," so say, "Do you not want to fear Him?" For that is Allah, your Lord, the Truth. And what can surpass the truth, other than error? So how do you get lost?
(Surah Yunus, 31 - 32)

Oh, people, serve your Lord who created you and those who were there for you. Maybe you'll be god-fearing.
(Surah Baqarah, 21)

Tawheed Rububiyyah in Hadith

The Prophet said, "Allah will gather the believers in the same way on the Day of Resurrection (as they are gathered in this life), and they will say, "Let us ask someone to mediate for us with our Lord. That He freed us from this place. Then they will go to Adam and say, 'Oh Adam, don't you see the people (the state of the people)? Allah has created you with his own Hands and ordered his angels to kneel before you and teach you the names of all things.
(Sahih al-Bukhari Book 93 Hadith 507)

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