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Condition not to take another wife | Fitrah Tawheed

Stipulating condition against polygamy

Condition not to take another wife

Kufr duna Kufr | Fitrah Tawheed

Kufr duna Kufr

Kufr duna Kufr

Hitting children, is it allowed? | Fitrah Tawheed

Is hitting children allowed?

Hitting children

Shortening beard in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Is it allowed to shorten the beard?

Shortening the beard

Length of the beard in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Length of the beard

Length beard

Ash'arism | Fitrah Tawheed



Marriage problems Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

How to deal with marriage problems

Marriage problems

Awrah men in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

'Awrah of men

Islam has established different guidelines for both men and women. Just as women should cover their 'awrah, so should men. 'Awrah of men

Traveling without mahram | Fitrah Tawheed

Traveling without mahram

Islam has not forbidden women to travel. She can go on holiday abroad, visit her family in another city or country and more. But that is only possible with specific conditions... Traveling without mahram

How to seek Islamic knowledge | Fitrah Tawheed

How to seek Islamic knowledge

You have decided to gain Islamic knowledge but do not know where to start. This is a common problem. Islam deals with different topics, so where should one start? Islamic knowledge

Conditions of wiping over the socks | Fitrah Tawheed

Conditions of wiping over the socks

Wiping over the socks has different conditions. This must be adhered to in order to perform wudu and prayer validly. Conditions

Depression in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Depression in Islam

Depression in Islam

Sadness in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Dealing with sadness in Islam

Islam is a religion that respects human nature. Allah is aware of the emotions that people experience. For example, sadness has a place in Islam and it is not discouraged to experience it... Dealing with sadness

Conditions of the Shahada | Fitrah Tawheed

Conditions of the Shahada

There are some conditions to validly pronounce the Shahada. So it is an important part of the Shahada. Some think there are seven, others think there are nine... Conditions Shahada

Beard in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Beard in Islam

You see men wearing robes and beards and ask yourself: What does this have to do with Islam? Well, quite a lot. It is a... Beard in Islam

Polygamy in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Polygamy in Islam

The term polygamy refers to having multiple partners. The term is officially used for both men and women. In this article you will read about polygyny (man who marries multiple women)... Polygamy in Islam

Performing Hijrah in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Is Hijrah obligatory?

The term Hijrah comes from the Arabic language, which means migration. Hijrah can be performed to any country. One can emigrate to dar al-Kufr or dar al-Islam... Performing Hijrah

Tips for converts in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

6 tips for the convert

Many converts experience great difficulty during their conversion. This is due to a lack of a route and plan. In this article you will get several tips to make the path easier... Tips for converts

Leaving prayer Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Leaving prayer in Islam

Leaving prayer

Dealing with the leader in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Dealing with the leader

In this article you will find out how the Muslim should deal with the unbeliever and Muslim leader... Dealing with leader

Dar al-Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Dar al-Islam

The world has been divided into two parts by various Islamic scholars. One of these two parts is Dar al-Islam... Dar al-Islam

Dar al-Kufr | Fitrah Tawheed

Dar al-Kufr

Within Dar al-Kufr there are again several subgroups. For example, you have Dar al-Harb (land that wages war with the Muslims or deprives them of freedom) or Dar al-Aman (land that is safe for Muslims to live in)... Dar al-Kufr

La ilaha illa Allah betekenis | Fitrah Tawheed

La ilaha illa Allah

The true meaning of laa ilaha illa Allah is detailed. It means linguistically that there is no god besides Allah. The true meaning of this statement is... Meaning of la ilaha illa Allah

Tips to increase Iman | Fitrah Tawheed

Tips to increase Iman

In this article you can read tips to increase Iman. There are various ways to achieve this. The tips are dedicated to the Muslim who owns Iman and wants to improve himself... Increase Iman

Iman | Fitrah Tawheed


The concept of Imaan is important in Islam. It determines whether a person is Muslim. The possessor of Imaan is described in the Quran as Mu'min. The term Mu'min means 'believer'... Iman

Rights of the husband in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Rights of the husband

In this article you will find out about the rights of the spouse. These include love, obedience, and respectful association... Rights of husband

Rights of the wife in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Rights of the wife

In this article you will find out what the rights of the wife are. These include: love, financial maintenance and housing... Rights of wife

Names of Angels in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Names of Angels

Find out who the different Angels are, what they are called and where they are responsible for. Names of Angels

Abusive parents in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Abusive parents

Unfortunately, not every parent is able to treat their children well. For example, there are parents who abuse children sexually, physically, mentally or emotionally... read more

Rights of parents in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Rights of Parents

Islam speaks of the rights which parents have towards their children. Being a parent is an honorable status. Because of the sacrifices that are made, parents earn several rights over their children... read more

Rights of children in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Rights of Children

Having children is one of the greatest blessings you can have. But it can also be a big challenge for you. One is tested in both good and bad. Neglecting the rights of a child can be very counterproductive... read more

Madhab in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Madhab in Islam

Madhab is an Arabic word which in Islam refers to 'school of thought'. Linguistically, the word madhab means a path or vision that is embraced... read more

Is Allah above? | Fitrah Tawheed

Where is Allah?

Allah has made clear where He is. In various places within the Quran we see what Allah has described Himself with. The question of where He is falls under one of His Attributes... read more

Leaving prayer in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Not praying in Islam

Allah has commanded the Muslims to pray the five daily prayers. It belongs to the five pillars of Islam. When a person leaves one of the five obligatory prayers, it is... read more

Niqab in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Niqab in Islam

The word Niqab is also pronounced as 'Niqaab' or 'Nikab'. It is a specific piece of clothing that covers the face. The correct view is that the face... read more

Kufr in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

What is Kufr?

Just as there are different sins in Islam that differ in grade, so is Kufr. The acts of disbelief differ in damage and effect. Thus, Kufr exists in two forms. Read more

What is Fitrah in Islam? | Fitrah Tawheed

What is Fitrah?

Do you know that feeling when you see something immoral? That's because of your natural nature. We all know basic morals and values. Read more

Taghut in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed


Any object or being that is worshiped besides Allah, and is pleased with it, is considered Taghut. The term comes from Arabic and means: idol. Read more

6 pillars of Eman | Fitrah Tawheed

6 pillars of Iman

Islam has different pillars of belief. Find out more about what a person must believe in order to see himself as a Muslim. Read more

Convert to Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Convert to Islam

Are you curious about how a person can convert to Islam? There are several conditions that must be adhered to, but in general it is quite easy. Learn more about converting to Islam. Read more

Sunnism | Fitrah Tawheed


Sunnism is the most well-known sect of Islam. It is the original group that clings to the Prophet and his companions. Learn more about Sunnism. Read more

Salafism | Fitrah Tawheed


What is a Salafism and what is their creed? Are they extremists? Or do they warn against it? Learn all about this specific group in Islam. Read more

Sects of Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Sects in Islam

Islam contains a total of 73 sects. The Prophet (ﷺ) indicates that salvation lies in clinging to his teachings and that of the Companions. Learn about the sects in Islam. Read more

'Awrah of women in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

'Awrah of women in Islam

In Islam, rules have been established that indicate what a woman should and should not cover. This differs from situation to situation. What does a woman cover in front of men and woman? Read more

Are feet 'awrah? | Fitrah Tawheed

Are feet 'awrah?

Feet 'awrah

Kufr bit Taghut | Fitrah Tawheed

Kufr bit Taghut

Allah often warns us of various forms of idolatry and idols. It is also a necessary concept to follow in Islam. What is Kufr bit Taghut? Read more

Nike in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

Is Nike haram?

We see this brand everywhere. Whether it's on TV, athletes wearing it, or stores full of them. What does Nike mean and is it haram to wear in Islam? Read more

Riya in Islam | Fitrah Tawheed


It can fall under both Shirk Asghar and Shirk Akbar. This is how a Muslim protects himself and his actions so that he can be rewarded for it on the Day of Judgment in sha Allah. Read more

Five pillars of Islam | Fitrah Tawheed

5 pillars of Islam

The Muslims are required to perform the five pillars of Islam as described. The pillars should be performed according to the Quran and Sunnah. In this article you will learn everything about the five pillars of Islam. Read more

Why do Muslims fast in Ramadan? | Fitrah Tawheed

Why do Muslims fast in Ramadan?

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims during which they fast for a month. A Muslim shows patience and steadfastness in various areas while fasting. Why do Muslims fast? Read more

Ahlu Sunnah wal Jama'ah | Fitrah Tawheed

Ahlu Sunnah wal Jama'ah

We see many people ascribe to Ahlu Sunnah. Ultimately you want to know who really belongs to Ahlu Sunnah wal Jama'ah. Read more

Attributes of Allah | Fitrah Tawheed

Attributes of Allah

Allah possesses several Attributes by which He has described Himself. We can find those descriptions in Quran and Sunnah. His Attributes consist of His Deeds, Essence and Appearance. Read more

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