About Abu Athari

Abu Athari researches and studies Islamic Aqeedah and Fiqh for over five years. His interests lie mainly in the topics of Aqeedah. For example, think of Tawheed and its practice. Abu Athari's goal is to convey the understanding of the pious predecessors of Islam.

Abu Athari writes on all kinds of different subjects. From psychology in Islam, clothing, basic principles and dangers of sins. He writes articles for Fitrah Tawheed to share his research and knowledge with our readers.

"A source is required in everything anyone claims", is what Abu Athari believes in. This way, he can share information supported by the authentic sources.

Learning the Arabic language is not for everyone. So Abu Athari uses his teaching in Arabic to learn from scholars to share that knowledge.

He also pays a lot of attention to the correct traditions. He is especially critical when examining the differing opinions in Islam. His goal is to express the correct opinion, without others having to search for it themselves.