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Choosing Shariah through democracy

There are many countries who are using the democratic system to rule and govern. These countries allow the people to have a say over which laws are going to be introduced by electing a candidate. This candidate would then become a president of the country or prime minister.

The system of Shariah is not a democratic system. Countries that rule with a democracy do not allow this system to be overthrown by something different. For this reason, Shariah will never be allowed to be ruled with, as this is not democratic.

Some want to create a political party in order to be elected, so that they can introduce Shariah and rule with it over the people. This is obviously impossible, as the democratic system will not allow the system of Shariah.

So whoever has the idea of overthrowing the system of democracy by using it for estabilishment of Shariah is fooling himself.

Every Muslim must respectfully obey the laws of the country, regardless of its system. As these countries allow Muslims to live there, then they must always be respected in return. Their laws must be obeyed and a Muslim is not allowed to break the covenant with the country he resides in.

And it should never be the goal of a Muslim to overthrow the laws or system of a non-Muslim country. He should live with them in peace and obey them, and he should not have evil thoughts or ideas towards them.

Abu Athari writes about basic principles within Islam. He uses his critical and well-researched way to spread knowledge of the first three Muslim generations.

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