Ruling of Nike

What is the ruling of Nike in Islam? Is it haram or Shirk to wear Nike? There are different opinions on this. So we decide to break it down for you.

Different opinions on wearing Nike:
  1. Haram and Shirk
  2. Haram, but not Shirk
  3. Nothing wrong with it

So what is the correct opinion about wearing Nike? Preferred is the opinion that it is haram and Shirk to wear Nike. This is because it is obligatory in Islam to avoid any idol. And Nike has its origins in the Greek goddess named Nike. As per an interview with the founders, the brand originated based on the Greek goddess.

Even if people do not attach any religious significance to Nike, it is still haram to wear it. Because of the origin of the brand, which in Islam should be distanced from.

Allah says in the Quran to reject the Taghut. That is everything and everyone that is worshiped besides Allah. In the Shahada, Muslims reject everything and everyone that is worshiped besides Allah. It is therefore a pillar of the Shahada to reject the Taghut (Kufr bi Taghut).

Anyone who disbelieves in idols and believes in Allah has grasped a strong hold that will never break. And Allah is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.
(2:256 Quran)

Therefore, the brand Nike should not be worn in Islam, even if it is done to wear on the feet and to stamp on it. Some are of the opinion that you can wear Nike shoes to stamp it on the ground.

That is their way of trying to humiliate the idol. But that's not how idols like Nike should be rejected. The pious predecessor Imam Shafi'i told the signs from which you can tell if someone actually rejects an idol.

Imam Shafi'ī said: "There are a number of signs where you can see someone rejecting idols: hating on the tongue, showing disbelief in the idol, and removing it when possible." [Kitab al-Umm of Imām Shafi'ī]

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